Suicide Squad Score – Steven Price 2016

15/08/2016 - Soundtrack
Suicide Squad Score – Steven Price 2016

Suicide Squad Score – Steven Price

Suicide Squad Score: When you think of the life of a film composer, one doesn’t necessarily jump straight to an Oscar win. John Williams had a bevy of TV credits before winning his first Oscar for Fiddler on the Roof, and despite a whopping 13 nominations, the prolific Thomas Newman has still yet to take home a gold statue of his own. For Steven Price, though, the win came quickly and deservedly. While he’s been working in the film music world since in the 90s, Price made his composing debut in 2004 on a TV documentary, and just a few credits later jumped to major features with fantastic work on Attack the Block and The World’s End. And then, after scoring Edgar Wright’s sci-fi pic, Price was tasked with scoring Alfonso Cuaron’s wildly ambitious space-set thriller Gravity, for which he earned the Academy Award for Best Original Score. It’s a massively deserved honor given the incredible work Price did on the film, and the fact that Price is still in the relatively early stages of his career as a composer is mighty exciting—i.e. there’s much more where that came from. Suicide Squad Score

After Gravity, Price developed a relationship with director David Ayer on the World War II film Fury, and towards the tail end of that project, Ayer asked Price to come along for what would prove to be one wild ride: Suicide Squad. Indeed, Ayer made his first foray into the comic book genre and brought Price along, with the composer given the opportunity to craft a score that is at once manic, wild, and highly dynamic. It’s mighty impressive work, especially given how many characters have to be serviced in the context of the film, and it marks an exciting change of pace for Price. Suicide Squad Score

With Suicide Squad now in theaters, I recently got the chance to correspond with Price via email and ask the composer some questions. We touched on his first conversations with Ayer, the experience of crafting music for a character as iconic as The Joker, how the reshoots affected his scoring process, and the daunting task of juggling so many characters. Moreover, as a big fan of Price’s work on The World’s End, I asked him about his preliminary work on Edgar Wright’s version Ant-Man and he confirmed that he’s working on the filmmaker’s next music-driven feature, Baby Driver. Suicide Squad Score

If you’re curious about what it’s like to craft a score for such a massive film, or even just want to know more about the work of a film composer in general, I think you’ll find this interview worthwhile. Take a look below. Suicide Squad Score

Datos Técnicos
Suicide Squad Score – Steven Price 2016
Rar | 217.39 MB | Mp3@320kbps | Género: Soundtrack | Duración: 01:33:50 | 30 Tracks
01. Task Force X (04:53)
02. Arkham Asylum (03:23)
03. I’m Going to Figure This Out (01:41)
04. You Make My Teeth Hurt (02:30)
05. I Want to Assemble a Task Force (02:52)
06. Brother Our Time Has Come (04:43)
07. A Serial Killer Who Takes Credit Cards (02:09)
08. A Killer App (02:53)
09. That’s How I Cut and Run (03:09)
10. We Got a Job to Do (01:41)
11. You Die We Die (04:01)
12. Harley and Joker (02:49)
13. This Bird is Baked (04:42)
14. Hey Craziness (04:01)
15. You Need a Miracle (02:36)
16. Diablo’s Story (01:42)
17. The Squad (03:58)
18. Are We Friends Or Are We Foes? (04:16)
19. She’s Behind You (03:02)
20. One Bullet is All I Need (03:32)
21. I Thought I’d Killed You (03:49)
22. The Worst of the Worst (04:11)
23. June Moone (Bonus Track) (02:37)
24. Did That Tickle? (Bonus Track) (03:41)
25. You Know the Rules Hotness (Bonus Track) (01:58)
26. Enchantress in the War Room (Bonus Track) (02:35)
27. Introducing Diablo and Croc (Bonus Track) (02:09)
28. Task Force X Activated (Bonus Track) (02:11)
29. Can Everyone See This Trippy Stuff? (Bonus Track) (04:25)
30. I Promised My Friends (Bonus Track) (01:29)

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