Jason Bourne Soundtrack – John Powell & David Buckley 2016

02/08/2016 - Soundtrack
Jason Bourne Soundtrack – John Powell & David Buckley 2016

Jason Bourne Soundtrack – John Powell & David Buckley

Jason Bourne Soundtrack: With 2004’s espionage sequel The Bourne Supremacy, director Paul Greengrass changed the face of popcorn thrillers, combining the docudrama grit of Bloody Sunday with super-slick thrills that left the Bond franchise in the dust. So successful were the Bourne movies that when Greengrass and leading man Matt Damon walked away from the Robert Ludlum-inspired series after the perfect ending of 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum, the studio cooked up The Bourne Legacy, an empty actioner with a gaping hole where its star and soul should be, idly trading on the memory of past glories. Jason Bourne Soundtrack

Now, after reuniting on 2010’s underrated Green Zone, Damon and Greengrass are back with Jason Bourne, a breathlessly confident thriller with a self-consciously modern edge that casts its antihero adrift in a post-Snowden world of surveillance and social media. Replete with heated exchanges about the pay-off between personal privacy and public order, the new movie (written by Greengrass and his long-term editor, Christopher Rouse) combines fist-fighting with cyber-stalking in impressively ruthless fashion, barrelling through its contemporary landscape like a cinematic bull in a rolling-news china shop. Jason Bourne Soundtrack

Damon injects a much needed air of humanity. His speech may be sparse, but his body is expressively talkative
We catch up with our renegade anti-hero on the Greek-Macedonian border, where he flattens a burly fighter in a stripped-to-the-waist sequence that seems less Jason Bourne than Jason Statham. Bedraggled yet buff, this perennial outsider now makes an off-the-grid living as a bare-knuckle fighter, but it’s clear from his haunted gaze and propensity for flashbacks that he is heading for a “tipping point”. Meanwhile in Reykjavík, Julia Stiles is back as Nicky Parsons, accessing classified files that lend a dynastic edge to Bourne’s ongoing identity crisis, in the process inadvertently putting him back on the CIA’s radar. And we’re off… Jason Bourne Soundtrack

A chase scene through an anti-austerity riot in Athens (actually shot in Tenerife) is classic Greengrass, seamlessly tying the fanciful action of the drama into the gritty soil of contemporary reportage. With Rouse cutting nimbly between cinematographer Barry Ackroyd’s handheld cameras, long-lens searches and aerial surveillance footage, Greengrass places us right in the middle of this growing state of emergency, aided by an insistently pumping score. Jason Bourne Soundtrack

Datos Técnicos
Jason Bourne Soundtrack – John Powell & David Buckley 2016
Rar | 140.90 MB | Mp3@320kbps | Género: Soundtrack | Duración: 01:01:24 | 16 Tracks
01. I Remember Everything (02:04)
02. Backdoor Breach (03:50)
03. Converging In Athens (04:13)
04. Motorcycle Chase (06:53)
05. A Key To The Past (02:37)
06. Berlin (02:02)
07. Decrypted (05:34)
08. Flat Assault (02:39)
09. Paddington Plaza (06:46)
10. White Van Plan (02:49)
11. Las Vegas (03:48)
12. Following The Target (03:29)
13. Strip Chase (04:59)
14. An Interesting Proposal (02:13)
15. Let Me Think About It (02:25)
16. Extreme Ways (Jason Bourne) (04:57)

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