Doctor Strange Soundtrack – Michael Giacchino 2016

20/10/2016 - Soundtrack
Doctor Strange Soundtrack – Michael Giacchino 2016

Doctor Strange Soundtrack – Michael Giacchino

Doctor Strange Soundtrack: I’ve become a bit of a broken record over the past year or so as I’ve bemoaned the lack of recognizable musical scores for our modern superhero movies. I miss the days when the likes of John Williams and Danny Elfman could create instantly memorable melodies that not only provided an excellent backdrop to all kinds of heroic derring-do, but also intrinsically felt like the characters they were representing. Of the more recent comic book movies, I’d argue that only the first Captain America and Man of Steel have scores that actually stand out. Doctor Strange Soundtrack

Could Doctor Strange change that? The first piece of music from the film’s soundtrack has been released, so let’s take a look…or rather, a listen. Doctor Strange Soundtrack

When Michael Giacchino hopped on board Doctor Strange, I couldn’t help but raise my hopes. After all, he’s one of our finest modern movie composers, whose work in films like Up and the recent Star Trek movies feels like an antidote to the anemic scores too many movies are paired with these days. Heck, his John Barry-inspired score for The Incredibles is more memorable and hummable than anything from most live-action superhero movies. Doctor Strange Soundtrack

And the track that has been released online, titled “The Master of the Mystic,” couldn’t be more different than your average superhero movie score. For one thing, it actually does have an instantly recognizable melody. For another thing, it sounds more like an instrumental B-side from a ’60s psychedelic band than the end credits music for a Marvel movie. Since director Scott Derrickson has the wonderful habit of tweeting out Pink Floyd lyrics alongside original Doctor Strange artist Steve Ditko’s wild, hallucinatory artwork, this choice makes a lot of sense. We’ll need to see how this music actually plays within the context of the movie before making a final judgment (will the odder touches heard in the audio below actually exist outside of the end credits?), but this is a strong, and appropriately weird, start. A Doctor Strange movie should be weird and should have a weird score to match! Doctor Strange Soundtrack

Datos Técnicos
Doctor Strange Soundtrack – Michael Giacchino 2016
Rar | 153.13 MB | Mp3@320kbps | Género: Soundtrack | Duración: 01:06:27 | 19 Tracks
01. Ancient Sorcerer’s Secret – Michael Giacchino (02:37)
02. The Hands Dealt – Michael Giacchino (02:56)
03. A Long Strange Trip – Michael Giacchino (02:28)
04. The Eyes Have It – Michael Giacchino (01:23)
05. Mystery Training – Michael Giacchino (01:53)
06. Reading Is Fundamental – Michael Giacchino (01:39)
07. Inside The Mirror Dimension – Michael Giacchino (04:04)
08. The True Purpose Of The Sorcerer – Michael Giacchino (02:09)
09. Sanctimonious Sanctum Sacking – Michael Giacchino (07:27)
10. Astral Doom – Michael Giacchino (03:41)
11. Post Op Paracosm – Michael Giacchino (01:15)
12. Hippocratic Hypocrite – Michael Giacchino (01:34)
13. Smote And Mirrors – Michael Giacchino (06:29)
14. Ancient History – Michael Giacchino (04:08)
15. Hong Kong Kablooey – Michael Giacchino (03:35)
16. Astral Worlds Worst Killer – Michael Giacchino (06:17)
17. Strange Days Ahead – Michael Giacchino (05:59)
18. Go For Baroque – Michael Giacchino (02:55)
19. The Master Of The Mystic End Credits – Michael Giacchino (03:50)

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