4Ever – Prince 2016

02/01/2017 - Pop Inglés
4Ever – Prince 2016

4Ever – Prince

4Ever: I’ve had plenty of time to think about it, from the day Prince and Warner Bros. announced the end of their decades-long war with a new catalogue agreement that honest-to-God made me cry, to the day almost exactly two years later where we cried over Prince for a different reason. But even in my wildest dreams, something about a Prince catalogue campaign seemed ephemeral, not entirely knowable–just like The Artist himself. And Prince 4Ever perfectly (and often frustratingly) encapsulates that miasma of conflicting emotions longtime fans know all too well. 4Ever

The goal is simple: let’s say the tragic events of this year have minted you a new fan of Prince’s work. Perhaps, in the wake of his passing, you helped lift Warner’s scant single-disc overview, 2000’s The Very Best of Prince, to the top of the Billboard 200. Now let’s also say, for one reason or another, you haven’t sought out any more of Prince’s albums, or the vital triple-disc 1993 collection The Hits/The B-Sides. The Christmas rush reminds you–ah, yes! I want to know more about this man and hear more of his work. With a striking cover, a 40-song offering and a decent price tag, you bite. 4Ever

If that’s you, you’re getting a hell of a set. Prince 4Ever starts each disc with the biggest hits of his pre- and post-Purple Rain periods. Disc 1 blasts off with “1999,” then “Little Red Corvette,” and follows with the two chart-toppers from Prince and The Revolution’s Purple Rain (“When Doves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy”) and 1985’s “Raspberry Beret.” Then the clocks wind back to Prince’s first Top 40 hit (“I Wanna Be Your Lover,” from 1979) and then even further to debut single “Soft and Wet.” Things play out chronologically to 1985’s Around the World in a Day before looping back to close with the majestic “Purple Rain.” 4Ever

Another best-of-the-best hit set starts off Prince 4Ever’s second disc, with a single from each of his albums from 1986 to 1991. There’s the tightly wound funk of “Kiss,” the bedsit social despair of “Sign ‘O’ the Times,” the greasy road blues of “Alphabet St.,” the insane chart-topper “Batdance” (a four-minute commercial for Tim Burton’s blockbuster Batman film of 1989, making its first ever appearance on a Prince collection), the pulsating dance workout of “Thieves in the Temple” and the can-do soul-rock of “Cream,” his final No. 1 hit as backed by The New Power Generation. From there, it’s a solid overview of Prince’s last willing years with Warners, from 1986 to 1993, with a brief mid-set detour into the past for “Moonbeam Levels,” the sole offering from the vault (more on that later). The set closes with a spirited NPG rendition of “Nothing Compares 2 U,” as made famous by Sinead O’Connor, and by the end we’re left realizing how true it was. 4Ever

Datos Técnicos
4Ever – Prince (2016)
Rar | 323.93 MB | M4A@256kbps | Género: Pop en Inglés | Duración: 02:35:08 | 40 Tracks
01. 1999 (Edit) – Prince (03:38)
02. Little Red Corvette – Prince (03:08)
03. When Doves Cry – Prince (03:48)
04. Let’s Go Crazy – Prince & The Revolution (03:50)
05. Raspberry Beret – Prince & The Revolution (03:35)
06. I Wanna Be Your Lover (Single Version) – Prince (03:00)
07. Soft And Wet – Prince (03:05)
08. Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? – Prince (03:51)
09. Uptown (Single Version) – Prince (04:11)
10. When You Were Mine – Prince (03:45)
11. Head – Prince (04:45)
12. Gotta Stop (Messin’ About) – Prince (02:57)
13. Controversy (Single Version) – Prince (03:37)
14. Let’s Work – Prince (03:02)
15. Delirious (Edit) – Prince (02:41)
16. I Would Die 4 U – Prince & The Revolution (02:59)
17. Take Me With U – Prince & The Revolution (03:44)
18. Paisley Park – Prince & The Revolution (04:44)
19. Pop Life – Prince & The Revolution (03:45)
20. Purple Rain – Prince & The Revolution (08:40)
21. Kiss – Prince & The Revolution (03:46)
22. Sign ‘O’ The Times (Single Version) – Prince (03:43)
23. Alphabet St. – Prince (02:25)
24. Batdance – Prince (04:07)
25. Thieves In The Temple – Prince (03:20)
26. Cream – Prince & The New Power Generation (04:13)
27. Mountains – Prince & The Revolution (03:57)
28. Girls & Boys – Prince & The Revolution (03:28)
29. If I Was Your Girlfriend – Prince (03:46)
30. U Got The Look – Prince (03:47)
31. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man – Prince (03:41)
32. Glam Slam – Prince (03:31)
33. Moonbeam Levels – Prince (04:06)
34. Diamonds And Pearls (Edit) – Prince & The New Power Generation (04:20)
35. Gett Off – Prince & The New Power Generation (04:00)
36. Sexy M.F. – Prince & The New Power Generation (05:26)
37. My Name Is Prince (Single Version) – Prince & The New Power Generation (04:04)
38. 7 (Album Edit) – Prince & The New Power Generation (04:23)
39. Peach – Prince (03:48)
40. Nothing Compares 2 U (Edit) – Prince & The New Power Generation (04:19)

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